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On a quiet evening of May, soaked in the after sunset light, City looks Ocean in the eyes. She waves His buildings with the softness of a mother gently rocking a new-born into sleep, at her breast. The sky turns brighter before turning dark. A couple of men from distant origins are trying their fishing luck in the harbour.

In libraries, books holding vast knowledge imprinted onto their bodies, rest in a dreamless sleep. Between the lines, naked of language, resides the wisdom of the trees they used to be, like a sleepless dream, speaking to the eyes that choose to linger. The shape of text and the silence of empty space, disagree without friction. Their coexistence feeds the mouth of the academia, resting on dismissed, esoteric narratives that once set meaning into motion. A meaning that keeps rolling through the matter of life, accumulating layers of sense and nonsense, discharging existential questions for the sake of imperative wealth; wealth for some, precarity for others.

The knowledge needed for building rockets and the understanding that fosters harmony, both emerge in the minds of man, yet their roots are of different nature. One can be subordinated to the other. When technology serves empathy and justice, societies thrive. History shows that the destiny of humanity has been repeatedly punctuated by reversed forces, turning life into ashes by means of technology. When the knowledge of few ignores to serve and understand the many, the world is at risk of chaos and destruction.

The city lights punctuate the waves of the ocean, with the unpretentious pride of triumphant science. Faraway, at its core, the ocean reflects celestial bodies in unperturbed, profound darkness.

Nature understands herself in a manner independent of knowledge, like an empty page can equally contain any printed text, like water equally reflects a temple, a library, the sun, the moon, a blossomed cherry tree, a fisherman, and the gaze of Narcissus finding ultimate perfection in his own image.

Between knowledge without understanding and understanding without knowledge, the sages of ancient times chose contemplation.