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In any city of the world, at a corner of a street, someone may stop you asking "One coin please?"

You may stop for a second and depending on your mood, give them a piece of currency or not.
Yet these people, the homeless, might have something we don’t have. We, always in a hurry to get somewhere,
to get something (done). Don’t we miss our own space-time just as badly as they miss that one coin?
How much do we need to pay in order to get the time we wish to dedicate to what we love?
From whom could we buy it? Our academies? Our funding bodies? The state? The free market? The social security system?
Our wives and children, our parents? Our status? Could we get it in another way than buying? Could we claim it?
Or beg for it? Beg from whom, from ourselves? Let’s try:
- Iuliana, would you give me some time and space, please? One year only.
- What do you need it for?
- I want to make a portrait of the future man dying from lack of time and space.
- Who do you think would want to see such things?
- Men themselves. It will be like a mirror that shows unknown sides of reality, from a time still to come.
  Not that they asked for it, but it might serve them.
- Sorry, I don’t have, I need to work to pay the bills. Go ask somewhere else. But you should know,
  begging doesn’t work in this society.
- What then?
- Applying.
- What’s that?
- Sort of begging but you need a sharp discourse and a smart portfolio to convince them you deserve it.
- But we all deserve time, why pretend I deserve it more than others? Begging seems more honest to me.
- As you wish, but it won’t work.
- I’ll try anyway, it’s part of the concept.


- Sir, may I have some time and space? One year only.
- What are your plans, methods and strategies? 
- I wish to make a portrait of the future man, dying from  lack  of  time  and  space. It will be a performance.  
  I  will   simply   slow   down    progressively.   The   sketch   is  here  in   front  of   you.

The Sage: Madame, votre démarche inhabituelle nous a posé des questions dont mon Institution vous fera écho toute l'année.    
Mira: Mission Completed.