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A black hole is a one-way journey to nowhere. The region inside the black hole is beyond the end of time. It is a one-way fast track to the end of time, writes Paul Davies in his book How To Build A Time Machine. Would then the shore of the universe lie before the beginning of time? Does the universe have a shore? If a black hole is a one-way fast track to the end of time, by reverse engineering, could we think what a white sphere with no mass would be? A white sphere with no mass could be a return journey to everywhere. A two-ways slow track to the beginning of time...

Danielle jumps into Dan's arms as he enters the house. Daddy, daddy, are we leaving to the sea now? My bag is ready! - pointing at a pile of cloths and toys arranged in a tiny colourful mountain in her room. Tomorrow darling, as soon as you wake up and get ready. Will I see the dolphins again? I think so, if you will smile at the waves in that secret way, they will hear you. They cross in a hug and their lips touch quickly, as she slips away and returns to arranging her “bag”. Where is mom? - walking towards the living. Is our bag ready too? Not yet, our neighbours passed by, we’ve been talking for hours. They brought amazing pictures and stories from Jamaica and this banana T-shirt for you. Has Diana called about your new book? Yes, she’s planned a reception for next month, she asked a list of people we want to invite. Have you eaten? No, I waited for you, let’s seat. Danielle went to her favourite spot in the garden, the hang mat beneath the plum tree. She hums and sings in her own language, perhaps talking to the dolphins already. She often mixes languages and invents words, which makes her look mysterious and a bit alien. It is the peace in her eyes that reassures us she knows what she’s talking about, so we let her do. Dan’s elder daughter, Dana, must arrive any minute. We are waiting for her with the plum cake. She got us used to her own ritual, the making of fresh fruit shakes every time she visits. Her talent and perseverance in martial arts leaves all of us astonished. Next year she will join a three months training in Singapore, followed by a trekking in the Himalayas with her best friend. I’m secretly proud, knowing she got her first taste of Asia from me. Beyond that, I’m glad Dan grants her the freedom to follow her dreams. Trust is the core of our nest and even though from a distance we seem scattered, there are invisible lines that keep us connected, in a way that leaves no place for doubt. Dan does his cheeky smile, teasing me with his favourite question. How long will you keep secret the way we met, behind this coffee story and the elevator? He enjoys seeing me stubborn about details, and I enjoy seeing him enjoy. Some things we claim without explaining and it works, perhaps because in serious matters we carefully weight things together. What about the adoption procedure, how long do we still need to wait? Last time they said it would take a few more months. It will be fine, Danielle will start going to school by then. The bell rings and the door opens at the same time. Danielle runs inside and Dana's delight of fruits, hugs and kisses takes over the scene. A thin long cloud raises high and disappears in a corner, spreading a subtle amber scent in the room. I feel I’ve never been so happy and grateful, yet it’s the same every time I see us buzzing around this way, at home. The scents and flavours are finding their ways to our senses.