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What would I say today if you would be here to hear me?
Would I talk about my fears, or yours?

When I first saw you, when I first felt you, when I first said that I was fine, and it was over.

Your hands on my skin. Your silence. Mine. The lightness of space between us.
You reading my mind, me reading yours.
Me hiding my heart, you hiding yours
... the mist in between.

Last night
drop by drop I sipped the moon with every cell of my being, letting you go
where you want to be, safely without me.

I didn't know this was going to happen
I didn't know hearts can hurt, of hiding
I tried to speak
to smile
as I didn't know how to reach a hand.
I cried.

Are these lines setting me free of you, setting you free of me?
Free of what my heart had rather seen growing?

I wrapped my arms around my sadness and watched you walk away holding your guard tight,
knowing that what I don't know is not for me to know
knowing that what I feel speaks louder than a sky full of stars,
knowing that knowing won't get us out of darkness.

My heart has caught me flirting with forgiveness,
laughing at two-words mantras crashing on steel windmills.
My thoughts, like cotton clouds above green hills strewn with death horses.

By the river, peace reigns again, fearlessly.
Holding on to nothing, the wind plays quietly with the sun.

One day, our souls will find their true homes.

Disclaimer: Roles might be reversed.