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What would I say today if I were to leave tomorrow ?
I was blind for so long.

When I thought I was loving, was I hunting a "stay with me", "love me"
and other words I forgot to mean ?
When I cried for not being understood, was it me who couldn’t see ?
When I saw a creep in you, was it me who screwed it up ?
Last night
I kissed my dreams then killed them
or I first killed them, then kissed ?

I wasted too much time, too much brains
I took life for granted, I didn’t see its point
I tried to dance instead
to laugh
as I didn't know how to love.

I locked my heart.

I can feel the key in my hand but I can’t see it.
Will this blind hand find the lock?

The Sage: You've been here before.
Mira: And where were you?