Writing as Resistance: intuitive knowledge production.

Wondering at the actual state of acceleration triggered by neoliberal policies. The (re)search gravitates around questions like Is it true? and Is it just? as different from Does it work? and Does it sell? - central to a society obsessed with production and accumulation (J-F. Lyotard). Poetically engaging with academic contexts from critical and feminist perspectives (J. Rancière, C. Mouffe, J. Butler). Informal speculations, micro interventions, infiltrations. Reflecting upon the magic of the Smart City and technology, through the eyes of the Ocean:

Idiosyncratically here, the Stranger as a Lens: performing artistic research

Photography, writing, performances. Exploring the realtionship between the Self and Reality, the nature of the 'border' between them, from the perspective of a Stranger. Hosted by (advanced performance and scneography studies). Writing about being a Stranger in Brussels or simply, writing about writing:


Sanātana Mood: Asian Journeys
A series of four long journeys to South Asia. Researching the notion of Dharma, a central term in Vedic thought, and its relation to Dhamma in Buddhist teachings. Sanātana Dharma stands at the core of what is called right vision, the fundation of right action in these traditions. Drawing parallels with Western thought, mainly of Henri Bergson and David Chalmers. Exploring local cultures. Sniffing hills, chasing clouds, chatting with the wind. Interviews, photography, exhibitions. Walking. Watching. Writing.