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time out ~  
            Sandhaan: If you can play with your body,
            you will be free from it.
            Mira: I’ve let my body play with me.
                  I now invite the words to play.
                Then, I will invite Him.

i fly
up the sky
and walk on the clouds
till one of them will swallow me
for a second.
i close my eyes
and open them again
to see the worlds
i love.

light white shadows
on dark white
dark white shadows
on light white
white lines between
the written lines
which ones to read?

the poem of the blind
by the wings of words
crying the mood
of the feeble heart
through the eyes
of a raising moon

nobody hears the music
of the flower
chasing the butterfly
everyone eats
the fruit
of forbidden thought.

the smile of the princess, the tear of a beggar,
wisdom goes around
unbothered by smartness.

i’ve let space take over the mind
i’ve let mind take over the space
until there was no mind, no space anymore.

long time ago, long time from now
nowhere before and never after
nor you nor me
yet both of us
sharing the dream of a flame
filling the time
with no time,
we met.

it started light
and went on smooth
till reached deep
the space opened up
and showed its cells
those from inside
those from outside
those in between
shiny colored dancing bugs
rainbow snowflakes
then many were born
– or it was me ?
and many have died 
- ‘t was me again
to touch this very centre
to explode
like a silent dynamite
in the laughter of delusion
on the threshold of reality.

kissed by not-you
veiled by not-light
i took
the spirit-touch for a soul-caress.
red hairs dancing
on the rhythm of a yes-beat
behind the eyelids of a flight
sweet moods fed with fairy tales
disguising the one dream
for the sake of a taste
easy shot of pink joy
of a bubble
of a toy.

you came saying
you had something to share
i knew it was a lie, and yet
that there is truth in
each lie.
what i didn't quite know
was how to let go of
truth and lies,
hopes and fears -
the weight i carried inside
and i prayed to learn.

for a night
all stars have gathered
in a necklace of love, around us.
at dawn
dwelling in their vanishing powder
like a double rainbow on a waking sky
our minds, reflecting
the expansion of time.
is there anything to know
that was not inside
that circle?

your kisses still dance in my palm
swing from finger to finger
no rhythm has such harmony
no sound such light
illusion flows through my veins
reflecting the mirror in your heart

you and me
us together
with no bodies, no minds
like an eye winged with skies
flying from the deepest ocean
to the highest peaks of space
with the only body of truth,
invisible from the world of time
in which no one understands
these fade words...

you are there from your mind,
i am there from my heart.
is there anyone else
with the two of us?
three nectars flow within
the yours, the mine,
a cactus flower's smile.

you and me
at the end of the flight
thrown back in time
with sleeping wings...
a time that brings us apart
a time that feeds us doubt
a time that we’ve deceived
travelling through the worlds
with one and the same eye.

i've let the tears wash the soul
i've let the soul wash the tears
until there were no tears, no soul anymore.

            Sandhaan: there are things
            that you will need to say
            things that came
            not for your knowledge
            but for the seeds within them.

lives ago, worlds ago
the buddha has taken refuge in me.
searching nirvana in samsara
knowing reality and maya
he came to search in me.

i welcomed him
as i welcome pure life
genuine quest
he drunk my nectar
quenched his thirst
and left with new knowledge

since then there is a secret
in his heart that keeps us together
yet apart
my knowledge became his
his thirst became mine
as he wished

once in a yuga we meet
to exchange knowledge for thirst
until thirst will become knowledge
and knowledge will become truth.

till then,

            my soul, be what you are
            be free
            my soul, be what you are
            be free
            my soul, be what you are
            be free.
            it is not me that sees you,
            it is you that sees through me.

this journey - my journey
is not mine.
it is the eternal journey of the soul
towards its centre -
where there is no centre
towards the highest -
that is the nearest,
from nowhere to nowhere
from here, now
to now, here.
whichever way i'd take
each step is the path
each step is
the destination.

there is an orgasm of the body
when body dies to itself,
frees from itself
and becomes one with the body next to it
with all living beings in the world.

there is an orgasm of the mind
when mind dies to itself,
frees from itself
and becomes one with the endless sky -
knowledge, awareness, emptiness.

there is an orgasm of the soul
when soul dies to itself,
frees from itself
and feels the life, its pulsation
through each breath of life

there is a continuous orgasm
of time and space
in which time and space
are continuously dying and continuously
recreating themselves
and all the worlds within.

words are sounds
like sounds can be words
if you seek a meaning
sounds are words
like words are but sounds
that can only fail to sing
the nectar of silence

there is a pearl
that only the seer
he swallows it like an elixir,
dwells in it.

this pearl can break the walls
between inside and outside
between body and soul
between love and god.
walls that are not there
but in the mind
that cannot see this pearl.
though, it is in the hand of each of us -
can we watch it?

if we could
caress a flower
with the softness of her petals,
nourish her
with drops of morning dew,
if in her colours
we could see the twilight,
drink her perfume
as our favourite wine -
her flavour
would be sweet
like the yellow fruits of october
she would believe in us
as she believes in her own seeds
she would bestow her grace
on us.

unfolding drops of rain
sweet on a rose
sour on an unripe grape
wavy clouds on the sunset
lonely books on the world shelves
your hands somewhere...
my heart?

in a next life
when we'll meet again,
kiss me
softly like the breeze,
caress me
like the zephyr that dances
on the song of night birds
let your arms
be rivers, your heart a waterfall
that flows
through my heart, my mind...

my right eye
will kiss your left eye
my left eye
will kiss your right eye
in the ocean that we'll become
born from no space,
nearly touching the shore
of our journeys.

if my thoughts would fly
if my wings would cry
would your sky caress the tears?
if my heart would burn
if my soul would rise
would your heart keep the faith?
if my love would die
would your soul reborn from it?

when you watch me from the other space
do you see me?
do you see me here, or there,
do you carry me?
let my kiss dance
be the perfect shadow
of your kiss

let my embrace leave no trace
be the perfect mirror
of your embrace

let my inside expand
be the cloudless sky
of your wings

let my eyes smile and cry
with the sweetest tears
of your eyes

let my heart whisper
quiet echo answers
of your heart beat,

let my mind bewildered
by this disappearing display
dare to fly astray

my crying -
is a cascade of laughter
when i hear your word,
a word of no sounds.
my flying reaches the zenith
without moving an inch
when i see you,
in each shape disclosed.
with you,
i remember future and past both
far beyond the thought
and there is no moment in time
that's not right here, now.

love needs
no bodies
no words
no forms.
we are merely lucky
to be her slaves
free or greedy
clean or sinful,
a mixture of flesh and soul.
if we listen to it
love teaches us
to not cling to it -
let it come and go
born and die,
recreate itself
from her own ashes
to infinity
from times

does love give you the courage
to show your heel?
to wear it
like a pendant on your chest,
like an open heart
that fears not
to be hurt, to bleed?

can we really know
if death
is just another birth of love
or maybe its last?

is it you who got born again?
where do you come from,
love poet?
and who is him, from where?
he was here for a night,
in the shadow of a desert tree
intoxicated my heart
and left.
we had to meet,
seeking our destinies, uncovering dreams.
were we clean enough to see?

this "nectar left over after sacrifice"
as the scriptures say...
is it nectar,
is it poison?
Mira drinks it all
as she sings
the song of freedom
to love and to go
freedom to grow and to bow
freedom to stay
freedom to fly and to cry
freedom to die
freedom from freedom -
the tear on this smile.

i’ll let time enter the thought
i’ll let thoughts out of the mind
until the noble sky will show
the hidden seed in my eye.

till then,
if music is a state of mind
if death is an instant of life
if poetry is a mood of the heart
and life an instant of time,
while you sing your dream
i rime the lines
and look for a place to fly.

            eternity has
            no beginning
            no end
            and no loop _
            we'll meet there.