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I have conceived and following my intuition, using bright ideas and helping hands of ex-colleagues, friends and artists I've came across in seven years of software engineering followed by a nomad artistic practice of other seven years. The websites are made in Nvu by "bricolage", by trial and error. Based on seven years of IT consultancy and new media managemt, plus this learning experience, OnlineWhiteCube came out.

The model is meant as a tool to efficiently present art and research work, naked, with no "package", no flashy animations. What you see is what you get.


The following prototypes were realised in the context of a generous Résidence d'Eentrepreneur offered by ARDTA and co-financed by the European Union, through the European Social Fund in Auvergene in collaboration with Emmanuelle Ornon, the foundation for in collaboration with Amsterdam based choreographer Diego Gil.

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