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TransyMusic  :::: December 2007

Ancient local songs (live and recorded) from local Romanian, Hungarian and Gipsy cultures were shared as daily inspiration for the leading artists. Ergo Phizmiz with family, Margita Zalite and our invited guests had a great time improvising, composing and having fun. Below is a selection of recorded tracks featuring the leading artists and guests musicians Ana Nicoara, Demeter Panna Katalin, Mihai Sorohan, Puiu, Barabas Ladiszlau, Varga Iuliu, Sebastian Tatar, Asterix and a room full of people.

track 01

track 02

track 03

track 04

track 05

track 06

track 07

track 08

track 09

track 10

track 11

Together we enjoyed home made wine, zacusca and jams, made from fruits and veggies coming mainly from our organic garden and the local markets. Participants shared delcious snacks and drinks from their own countries. People at Radio Targu-Mures were generous in sharing their archives. We closed the project with a small concert at Teatrul Ariel and a live performance at G Pont in Targu Mures. 

Many thanks to our partners Teatrul Ariel, Radio Targu-Mures and Radio Alternativ and to our friends Heiner Holtappels, Liliana Alexandrescu, Cristina Ticala and Raul Bucur who supported the project, as well as REEA and the European Cultural Foundation (travel costs of the invited guests). 

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. The tracks were created in a collaborative process by local musicians and invited artists from abroad, based on sources offered by the local radio and neighbours. Sharing is welcome for non-commercial purposes, with mentioning of the project and initiator names: TransyMusic at morisena. Creative Commons License