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morisena has been set up with the very kind and generous help and support of family, friends, volunteers and local companies.

We thank Harm Timmermans and Stijn Kemper, Laura Turbatu, Bianca Anechitei, Alan Marrero, Ioana Vlasiu, Sher Doruff, Florin Costinas, Jaromil Rojo, Dr. Schnaps and DJ Olga alias Gypsy Sound System, Cristian Georgescu, Heiner Holtappels, Stefan Witte, Cristina Ticala, Marja Sonneveld and Eric de Nie, Liliana Alexandrescu, Raul Bucur, Oroian Eugen, Liviu Topuzu, Dan Masca, Ana & Iuliu Varodi for the garden, and evereyone who was there with us.

Organisations that supported our projects


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