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Hitchhiking to Transylvania ::: August 2007

Participating artists: Jesse Cremers and Pauline Niks, Edina Csullog and Ionutz Pitzurescu, Mark Hansen, Christine Neihoff, Catalina Nistor,  Wouter Osterholt and Elke Uitentuis, Klaus Tascher and artistic leader Heiner Holtappels

We invited nine video artists from different countries to hitchhike to Transylvania. On the way, crossing various cultures and situations the artists recorded different aspects of the spaces they crossed, representing whatever charmed or intrigued them about the local cultures, social and economic contrasts and personal situations they encounterd on the road. The meeting point was morisena

The results can be seen >> here

The first week was devoted to time for the artists to get familiar with each other, to watch each others material and to share the stories of each individual journey, comparing roads, social, cultural, economical and political situations encountered. From here, the artists have further hitchhiked in the area of Transylvania during the project, exploring the local culture. The last week was reserved for the final processing of the video.

At the end of teh project a screening took place at Teatru 74 in Targu Mures, followed by discussions with the audience. morisena provided the lodging, infrastructure and - with the precious help of REEA - the technology for video editing and producing the final DVD.