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The centre is currently closed. TransyMusic, our last project took place in December 2007. Here follows a press review:

Visual arts after the 90’s,  Iuliana Varodi and Morisena
by art historian Ioana Vlasiu (
read in >>romanian)

"Targu-Mures- born Iuliana Varodi is back (...) with a certain kind of social activism and the belief that the connections between people that share passions and interests can create a better framework for everyday life. From her travels through India, she returned with many photopraphs and especially memories and experiences of another human temperature that constituted the starting point and the substance for several exhibitions of photography at Targu-Mures and at The Art Museum in Cluj – as well as for a volume of poetry in Romanian. During Fata Morgana, the exhibition in Cluj, Iuliana Varodi shared a compressed diary of her encounter with India. She took part with photos in the itinerant exhibition “24 hours at home in Europe”, which was presented in a couple of European countries. (...) Travelling is an art, we used to say. Nowadays, art is travelling, at least since Andrei Cadere’s wanderings in the 70-ies. While Andrei Cadere’s project was individual, today’s projects have a programatic comunitary dimension. Contemporary nomadism doesn’t have the exotic in its seeking expectations, although this may not be totally absent in the case of a westerner who has come to Transylvania. The spirit of improvisation and spontaneity, which does not mean lack of coherence, a keen observation and the capacity to generate meaning are stongly present in the video produced by the participants. The ten young artists (participants at 'Hitchhiking to Transylvania' the first project at morisena) have crossed a great part of Europe and Romania in order to meet each other in Sangeorgiu de Mures, to spend some time together in an unknown place, everyone bringing with themselves their story and the experience of the journey, their own personal view on otherness, tender or harsher, narrated on a lyrical or ironical, funny or dramatic tone, in a laconic or descriptive manner".

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