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My work is an assemblage of interlinked yet seemingly dispersed stories, made of photography, text, sound, performance and installations. This website is a montage made with free software, and it is an integral part of my bricolage and prototyping approach to artistic praxis. I work at the junction of conceptual art, visual arts, performance and writing. Whatever I do, make or write, the aim is to explore, to try to make sense of something. This something is me, is us, and the ways in which we relate to one another and to the larger realm of life. In 2007 I've set up and directed morisena, a context for exploring creativity and collaboration.

Words by others:

Her artistic research is intermingled with travelling and with everyday life.
Her subject matter gravitates around a vibratory relationship between the everyday and the arcane. The perceptual experiences she explicates interweave the natural and supernatural, the abstract and concrete, fact and fiction, compatible and incompatible realities. Her narratives and journals are tinged with humor, acute observation and the distancing of a traveller, an outsider, a guest. There are subtle quips, linguistic innuendoes and double entendres in her prose and poetry that affect the unfolding of layered dimensions of meaning. Her writing evinces a neo‐romantic quality in the way she draws relations between nature and self that interfaces with a sharp, postmodern subversiveness. Her literary style is variegated and performative, as each text asserts its own tonality, its own conviction, its own search and re‐search.
Sher Doruff

I think she did something which is very rare: she arranged a state of being, a state of mind, and she did it by... enfin, I use the words of Tarkowsky, by sculpting time, by working with time, with space and by not acting, but going into a play and going out again, being herself, questioning. She took me somewhere, with her performance; and the light, and how she treated all the elements. When I read her texts, I can see that she intermingles daily life with research... I find it remarkable that when she performs, in the approach of performance, the personal permeability - she is aware of it and she considers it as a vehicle, a tool to work with.
Paul Puorveur